Tuesday, July 3, 2012


My "manicure". Such as it is. I always wreck them before they've dried properly, or wear the paint off the tips within a day with all my toil. But I saw this at doorsixteen. {My new favorite blog}. So I gave it a try. I love it! It took a few seconds to do (very much a plus when there is a limpet-like needy toddler hanging around. No offense baby-cakes, I love you but you are making me a bit insane.) It looks very graphic and draws attention to the tips of my fingernails which is one of the effects I like with a french manicure. I dabbed on a bit of gold later in the day, at the base. Gold and black is yummy. Next time I'll topcoat it so it will wear better, but I think it will be easy to just touch up with black tonight. It does not suffer through lack of perfection. It just looks more arty. Unlike most manicures which just look like crap once they start to wear off. So doable and stylishly sanity-saving!Now my fingers reassure me I AM an artist dammit! Not just the resident breastfeeder/housekeeper/child wrangler, etc.Also they remind me of little bitty Hitler/Chaplin style mustaches which amuses me.

Thanks, Anna!

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